The daily life led by most people nowadays has been criticized by health and medical experts as highly toxic. Days kick off with crazy mornings spent juggling family responsibilities and hurrying off to work. And throughout the course of the day, people deal with one concern after another – there’s no time to rest, and all these concerns have lingering effects that subject the body and mind to a constantly overwhelmed state. Tension knots build throughout the body and feelings of extreme exhaustion take over.

Such a lifestyle keeps the body’s stress response on alert, and that’s not healthy. Too much stress hormones are pumped out, and there has been evidence that high levels of these hormones suppress the normal functioning of the immune system which is critical to warding off illnesses and other health detriments.

To keep the body performing optimally, health experts advise people to take their rest and relaxation as seriously as they take their jobs and family life, and one of the best ways to do that is to have adequate “me” time.

For “me” time, dehp® therapeutic spa is perfect because it goes beyond the traditional spa treatment in managing stress effectively. The goal of the people behind this wellness solution is to introduce true wellness that leads to lasting relaxation. Treatment does not only target the physical aspect of stress, but it also focuses on awakening the clients’ natural ability to process stored emotions and revitalize the spirit. At the end of a treatment, not only do clients feel physically rejuvenated, but they also have a better understanding of their body’s network of reactions to the various stimuli presented by life — and at the same time, what they need to do to manage daily stresses effectively and protect, promote their overall well-being, so they can effectively and efficiently perform their life’s responsibilities.

For those who want to take better care of themselves, and protect the health of their mind and body, now is the perfect time to make that change. Take advantage of dehp® spa special offers; membership is free for all and it will automatically provide you a bounty of perks and benefits, including 50 percent off of all the first class spa treatment packages, as well as access to a bounty of helpful information to guide you on your path to true and complete wellness.

Heed the advice of today’s health experts. Take relaxation and rest as seriously as you do all your other responsibilities, for not only will you feel better and healthier, but you also enhance your overall quality of life.