Stress is defined as a state wherein a person’s body is primed to react physically, mentally and even emotionally to an event which requires quick response. By itself, stress can be beneficial, allowing a person to avoid real danger. However, in the context of modern times where people are continuously exposed to stressful situations and environments and they cannot find relief in between these, people become distressed.

Distress manifests itself in various forms, ranging from physical manifestations to behavioral changes. Among the physical manifestations of distress are headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, changes in sex drive, poor sleep and stomach problems. In terms of mood, a person who is distressed can manifest symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of motivation or irritability. Some forms of behavior can also be attributed to prolonged exposure to stress. These include substance abuse, eating disorders and social withdrawal.

Just how pervasive is stress in modern life? According to some studies, about 90 percent of conditions reported to doctors can be attributed, at least partly, to stress. On top of this, stress also plays a crucial role in issues like high blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions and depression.

And while it is practically impossible to eliminate stress from one’s life, there are several strategies one can implement in order to better cope with stress. These include modifying one’s diet, exercising, practicing meditation and getting regular massage and spa treatments. But sometimes, these techniques may not be sufficient to overcome the hurdles posed by continuous exposure to stress.

If you are undergoing a stressful time in your life – divorce, a creative block or any other stressful situation —consider undergoing a dehp® spa treatment.

Unlike other modalities which focus on just one aspect of a person’s totality, the dehp® spa experience is grounded on the philosophy of achieving true wellness through lasting relaxation, processing of stored emotions and the revitalization of the spirit.

With the aid of a dehp® practitioner, you can become more attuned to the various aspects of yourself and unlock your body’s innate ability to heal itself and connect with the other aspects of yourself.

What exactly happens in a dehp® spa treatment session?

The important thing to remember about dehp® spa treatment is that it is not just another form of bodywork. Although sessions begin with 10 minutes of massaging in order to open up the body, the overall goal is to listen to the body speak. Once the body achieves the state wherein all parts are moving at the same level, you can experience defragmentation. In defragmentation, images, memories and feelings begin to surface, even those that a person has buried deep inside himself or herself. In turn, this allows a person to better process what he or she is feeling and experiencing, thus facilitating the transformation of stress into potential.