Phoenix, AZ (October 2014)…Unlock pure potential™ with dēhp® Spa, a wellness treatment exclusive to Alvadora Spa that is tailored to unlock your body’s unique intelligence process by integrating your stored experiences and promoting a sense of well-being, while assisting you in new personal growth and development. By increasing clarity and insight, savvy professionals, top executives, athletes and avid spa users alike will experience increased performance and reduced stress in their daily lives with this relaxing and effective treatment.

An acronym for Developed Expression of Human Potential, dēhp® (pronounced “deep”) is an integrative and non-invasive experiences that unlocks pure potential and unblocks the creative flow. It is delivered in a luxury spa room/suite with a balancing massage and essential oils.

  • 80 MINUTE dēhp® – The main focus in this short session is to get the body processing and to start to identify repetitive patterns that have kept you stuck, less focused and not creating at your top performance. A 25 minute balancing massage will be incorporated towards the later part of the session. $300
  • Three hour dēhp® enrichment spa experience: Give yourself the full benefit of processing and integrating your life experiences. Just like it took you time to store your unprocessed potential, it also takes some time to unlock and integrate it. This three hour session includes 60 minutes of balancing massage and essential oils. $585


Josette Sullins is the creator and author of the dēhp program which has been featured on local, national and international media. Sullins has dedicated her career and life to educating and empowering people through the dēhp® enrichment experience as an effective tool for insight, healing, and optimum performance.

“After each experience, every guest would say, ‘Wow~ that was so deep.’ So the session actually named itself,” says Sullins.

“True wellness requires lasting relaxation, the ability to process stored experiences and a way to revitalize your spirit. That’s what dēhp® is all about,” says Sullins. “dēhp® is a key that unlocks the innate intelligence of the body, thus creating a place to heal, to learn and to understand all the aspects of our lives. It is a ready-made road map towards a balanced life.”


Peter G. Thomas is a Founding Principal of Vestar Development Co. and Retired Chief Financial Officer. He now is also the founding investor of godēhp®.

“I wouldn’t have invested so much time and money into it unless I believed in it and it worked!” says Thomas. “Everyone has life experiences that can hold you back from reaching your full potential. This transformative spa treatment unlocks emotions and activates the body’s innate intelligence to process these memories and emotions. The integration continues and enables you to achieve your goals in all areas of your life – personal, family, professional and spiritual. The spiritual component was important to me and transformative. I believe it does not matter what your beliefs are, we all need a spiritual component to help us reach our full potential. This spa treatment taps into your innate intelligence and spiritual component to improve your life!”


The licensed dehp® technique will activate your mind, body and intelligence to recall exactly what is keeping you from realizing your pure potential. The dēhp® sessions are experienced without skill or effort from the client.

You will be given an interactive journal to begin your experience. As with most spa services, you will relax on a massage table while the Spa Therapist applies the licensed dehp® technique. The session begins with the body going through a series of reconnections. The licensed dehp® technique activates the body to recall, process and gain insight from your past experiences. Once this is accomplished, you are able to be in the present moment; free of the stress and the road blocks that have been holding you back. Your personal Spa Therapist will journal the experience inside your interactive journal, which will be yours to keep and will continue to enrich your life thereafter. Your therapist will conclude with a 25 or 60 minute massage, depending on the length of your session and you will leave totally relaxed, with insight, balance and a sense of peace.

“dēhp® activates organic development– the body’s way of naturally processing experiences to create depth, potential, meaning and connection on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level,” says Sullins. “One session provides useful insight, but since we all heal and grow at our own pace, guests may find that they want more sessions and dēhp® honors that individual choice.”

To further illustrate the range of this experience, the following are some excerpts from guests’ exit interviews:

‘Knowing someone is a dehp® therapist is like the ‘good housekeeping seal of approval’ for excellence; I’ll always look for therapists with this training’ Virtuoso Luxury Travel Agent

“It was like defragging my body’s computer, making room for so much more” Dan N.

“There is a peace that’s lasting…things just don’t get to me like they did before” Karen G., PhD.


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Keeley Ast