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Three hours literally can change a life. The expression of our true selves is often trapped in holding patterns from unprocessed life events. dehp® integrates these patterns to allow our bodies to develop and express naturally.

dehp® creates life balance quickly, efficiency and without medication or side effects.

dehp® is a new solution to modern stress and over-stimulation. Wellness is about optimizing health; it’s about living the best life you can with all you are.

Listen to your body, it has something important to say.

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What exactly happens in a dehp® spa treatment session?

The important thing to remember about dehp® spa treatment is that it is not just another form of bodywork. Although sessions begin with 10 minutes of massaging in order to open up the body, the overall goal is to listen to the body speak. Once the body achieves the state wherein all parts are moving at the same level, you can experience defragmentation. In defragmentation, images, memories and feelings begin to surface, even those that a person has buried deep inside himself or herself. In turn, this allows a person to better process what he or she is feeling and experiencing, thus facilitating the transformation of stress into potential.

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