Everyone goes through stressful days at some point in his or her life; some may experience daily pressures with more frequency and greater gravity than others. While it may be unrealistic to avoid stress all throughout your life, you can certainly manage it better. And that may be achieved with the help of dehp® (pronounced as ‘deep’) – an integrative treatment that activates your body’s capacity to restore balance.

Beyond the Spa Treatment

Stress is usually managed with spa treatments — the regular massage, the occasional body treatments, and luxurious facials. But dehp®, which is an acronym for “developed expression of human potential,” is more than just a pampering spa treatment. Recognizing the body’s innate intelligence, dehp® aims to process your stored emotions, deliver long lasting relaxation, and provide a way to revitalize your spirit.

In this sense, the dehp® approach to stress is transformational and not just alleviation.

The modern technique, developed by Josette Sullins, does involve a massage. But trained and certified dehp® practitioners will work with your anatomy to help it to open, function, and move at the same level. According to Sullins, your body will go through deep defragmentation, bringing up images, memories, feelings, etc., that you’ll relive and for a brief minute, your body will go through an amazing process that allows you to achieve a deep — dehp® – sense of peace.

dehp® Wellness

The treatment at dehp® spa locations will unify your body’s communication so that you are able to feel, process, and experience in a way that allows you to actually turn stress into an opportunity to become “a better version of you.” You’ll improve focus, gain clarity, and discover meaning in your work, and your life as a whole.

Since its introduction, dehp® has achieved a certain measure of popularity. You’ll find many spa locations that offer the dehp® method, which is a three-hour modality. If you’re unsure about how to choose a spa that delivers the modern treatment, you may want to consider places that have achieved the highest reputation in the industry. You’ll want to look for spas with first-class services (not just world-class treatments) and the perfect ambience.

The dehp® treatment is not just the perfect antidote to the daily onslaught of stress. You don’t have to be experiencing a tough time at work, going through a divorce, or having an insanely busy domestic life to book a dehp® treatment at the best spa location. The transformational treatment also improves creativity and heightens self-analysis so you can also use it to enhance the great things that are going on in your life.

So find a spa that offers the dehp® method today.